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Jive is the foremost provider of enterprise collaboration solutions and our novel client. We recently developed excellent explainer videos for Jive for their Jive Chime which is a real-time messaging app for the organizational team. The problem was that people usually consider being at work to be synonymous with a boring office desk, but that is not true at all. People are always working on the go through their smartphones, iPads, and PCs. This makes staying connected with the businesses crucial. Due to the overcrowding of messages and clutter, the natural process of business communication get disrupted and to counter this problem Jive came up with Jive Chime, and enterprise communication channel solution specially designed for the workforce.

We are Social Jack Media with our quality content, precise scripting, and gorgeous graphics created spectacular explainer videos for Jive enabling them to achieve success in the corporate communications. This explanation video enabled the Jives client to get the precise know-how of Jive Chime and help organizations to have a simple yet effective solution to communicate proactively in a simplified manner.

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