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Local Business Rebranding


Martinsville Tavern is a modern restaurant and bar providing American/European cuisine with warm hospitality, and unparalleled service. Martinsville Tavern was going through a complete rebrand as it was purchased by new ownership. They had zero online presence and no marketing strategy to grow local awareness, build a new customer base, or retain their existing customer base.

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The Solution

Our team provided a go-to market strategy that would hit every stage of the customer journey from discovery to reputation management to their loyalty program. Some of what we did was:

  1. Designed an integrated website that remained up to date with all of their happenings and had features such as:
    • seasonal menus
    • online booking capability
    • catering lead form
    • social media feed
    • language translator
    • high resolution photos and videos
    • and more
  2. Developed a social media content strategy and creative content to build their audiences on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GoogleMyBusiness.
  3. Local SEO Campaign
  4. Automated Email Wifi marketing to capture new contact information and retarget them using a loyalty program.
  5. Local PPC campaign to generate new catering leads

Rebranding Results

Over 12 months

(Oct 16, 2020 – Oct 15, 2021)

Impressions: 645,829

Engagement: 22,917

New Customers: 8,631

Wifi Email Marketing insights

(Since June 2019)

Contacts Collected: 1,404

Customer Walk-Ins: 6,264

On average, 251 Network customers walk in to the business every month

Since signing on

(May 11, 2019 – Oct 15, 2021)

Impressions: 1,065,546

Engagement: 49,519

Leads: 15,111

Facebook Insights

(May 11, 2019 – Oct 15, 2021)

Reach: 1,843,774

Page Reach: 179,526

Instagram Reach: 48,707

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