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The DC Metro Police Department is a vital part of the State’s structure and is integral to the safety and liberty of the civilians. The department manages and maintains the public order and security while enforcing the law and regulations. The detection, eradication, investigation, and management of various criminal activities in the states are part of the DC metro police schematics.

The Washington DC area is a diverse district with people from various cultures and backgrounds living together. The DC metro police make free language access compliance mandatory for all policing bodies and civilians. We at Social Jack Media assisted our client DC Metro Police department by creating detailed explainer videos for language access and training. The core construct was to improve the latency of the language for the NEP’s – Non-English Language Proficient and LEP’s – Limited English Language Proficient in a reasonably competent manner through language line interpreting. This, in turn, created a system to minimize liability issues for the citizens. The detailed explainer videos provided access to the brief training modules for multiple languages by the DC metropolitan police department through a comprehensive overview.

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