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Pure Barre, a popular boutique fitness studio under the ownership of Xponential Fitness, was founded in 2001. It offers a unique low-impact, high-intensity workout that has attracted over half a million clients across the United States and Canada. The company operates as a franchise, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to run their own Pure Barre studio.

Sarah Hoffman, a Texas-based fitness enthusiast, realized her dream of owning a Pure Barre studio when she became the owner of the Houston – West U location. Sarah was just 25 when she took over the franchise in February 2019. Her passion for the workout, combined with her background in business and finance, made her the perfect candidate to take over the studio when the previous owner decided to relocate. Sarah’s journey to studio ownership was a testament to her determination and love for the Pure Barre workout.

The Challenge

“To be honest,” Sarah says, “the studio was not in the ideal state.” The previous team did not have clear responsibilities, making it difficult to run the studio efficiently. The biggest challenge for Sarah was finding the right people to help her build the studio. “One of the hardest things was hiring and staffing,” she comments. Sarah tried various methods to find suitable team members, such as reaching out to Pure Barre members and posting job ads on different boards. However, the cost of some recruitment sites was too high, and the free trials did not bring in the right candidates.

Despite being bombarded with a large number of applicants, the quality of the candidates was not up to par. “The biggest issue was the quality,” she recalls. Sarah was particularly in need of candidates with evening availability, but she couldn’t easily screen for that on the sites she was using. As a result, she had to rely on phone screenings, which took more time and effort. The entire recruiting process was overwhelming for Sarah.

The Solution

As soon as the SJM team started explaining the features and pricing of their applicant tracking system (ATS), Sarah was convinced. SJM’s flexible recruiting process was perfect for the studio’s seasonal hiring needs. Sarah also appreciated SJM’s ability to syndicate job opportunities across multiple job boards without any extra cost. By the time Pure Barre Houston – West U was ready to hire, Sarah had a large pool of organized candidates to choose from. “Without SJM,” Sarah says, “hiring would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

The Results

SJM’s recruiting services make things “so much easier” for the Houston – West U studio. Sarah is now able to quickly process applications, sending out interview requests quickly and efficiently.

Sarah attributes her improved efficiency to SJM and their ability to weed through everything and flag applicants who don’t meet the required availability. This has resulted in a higher quality pool of candidates and the hiring of 16 new team members in just one year. The first hire made through SJM was deemed the “perfect candidate.” As the hiring process sets the tone for the smooth running of the studio, Sarah is grateful to have her time back, as SJM makes the hiring process seamless and hassle-free.

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