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Printer Manufacturer Digital Production


Bringing out a new device in the market or launching it is not an easy task for any brand. As being an old name in the market, we not only bring new devices in the market but also sort out tell our audience that this device is smarter than the old one. It’s hard to explain our audience how to use the new advancements we include in the upcoming devices. As they are not really aware of the technicalities and the facilitations a device can offer to them and make their work more convenient. However, we hired Social Jack Media for an explainer video of our HP Enterprise Printers. Not only they ensured to cover every detail but also kept an easy to understand language.

The main feature of our device was to let our customers fully understand the use of our intrusion feature which can help them in ensuring that their printer is not being use without their consent. We launched our product and used their explainer video in our marketing and promotional activities.

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