Top 12 SEO Trends of 2023

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SEO is a marketing strategy that has been trending for over two decades. Many businesses have started creating and posting search-engine-optimized content and hiring SEO experts to rank highly on Google. SEO strategies keep evolving with Google updates, but some of them are trending and will reap rewards even in the next year.

What Are the Top SEO Trends Going Into 2023?

Want to know the top SEO trends that will work for your business in 2023? Here is the checklist:

1. Link Building

Link building is still one of the most vital ranking factors in Google. Getting a link from any website doesn’t work anymore. Linking the domain’s relevance and SEO strength is necessary as multiple ranking factors influence a web page’s eligibility to rank on SERPs. Content relevancy plays a dominant role in link building.

Websites tend to link out to other domains, which rank highly for multiple keywords. The best way to earn many backlinks is to create and publish link-worthy content.

2. Other Metrics Than Only Ranking First

Ranking at the top of SERPs isn’t enough to drive website traffic as search results are filled with ads, snippets, and question boxes. So, you should focus on different metrics to boost CTR and website traffic.

Write meta titles, meta descriptions, and headlines, adding the most relevant keywords. Combine the trending keywords from Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

3. Contextual and Valuable Content

People visit your website for content, and thus, it should be unique. You need to do much more than frequently posting content containing relevant primary and long-tail keywords with little value. Your content should be link-worthy, and thus, you can follow a topic cluster model.

Content topic clusters give you an edge over your competitors by boosting your industry’s organic rankings. You can drive website traffic by increasing CTR and search traffic.

Distribute link equity from link-building campaigns to other related internal pages. Post well-optimized and relevant content that helps in increasing DA. Create unique content to drive traffic to your website.

4. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are quite new things that display above the topmost listing on Google. The process by which some passages rank as featured snippets is called passage ranking or indexing.

Passage indexing usually depends on factors such as passage length, passage <h2> tag, using images, and valid schema markup. So, focus on these factors if you want your SEO to improve in 2023.

5. Google Discover

Nowadays, predictive search is more closely related to Google Discover, a feed that delivers videos and articles to mobile users. Google Discover has over 800 million users to date, after being quite a new service.

Many markets still don’t clearly understand this algorithm. This type of predictive search has evolved into more advanced information delivery systems with the emergence of more factors. Plus, Google Discover has turned out to be a potent tool to drive website traffic.

6. Google Image Search

Optimize your images, otherwise you will lose massive traffic. People search the Google Image Section for various reasons, so your web images should rank in that section.

Use high-quality and relevant images with proper file names and ALT tags so that they display on image search results.

7. Google EAT Guidelines

CX influences your search engine rank, increases dwell time, and informs the Google algorithm that your content is relevant and helpful to users. Consequently, the search engines increase your rankings to recommend it to other users with the hope of helping your business.

You should curate your CX or UX to improve your rank and influence customers to take action. Once they take your desired action, it strengthens your connection with them. Follow Google EAT guidelines, research keywords for different types of intent, and focus on search intent to boost SEO.

8. SERP Marketing and Keyword Research

SERP marketing is a new concept in keyword optimization, which involves optimizing content so it displays different search elements such as images, videos, stories, and “people also ask.” You should also conduct keyword research on a broader scale to fulfill various search intentions. You can map different types of search intent at every stage in a buyer’s journey—informational, navigational, commercial, and navigational.

With the implementation of a broader keyword strategy, you can meet various search intents and dominate the entire search marketplace. Use the right keyword modifiers for different search intents.

9. Search Intent

Search intent is as simple as a Google search. However, its application can improve your SEO significantly. Search intent has 3 Cs: Content Type, Content Format, and Content Angle. Once you understand these three elements, you can deliver the right content to the right searchers, meet their intent, and gain their trust so they may revisit your website.

Besides improving CX, optimizing search intent helps to maintain content relevancy, which is one of the most crucial Google ranking factors. This increases your chances of ranking highly.

10. Mobile First Indexing

Google announced Mobile First Indexing for all new websites, which means the Google Smartphone crawler will crawl new websites rather than the Google Desktop crawler. So, all webmasters are making them compatible. As mobile data is usually weaker than wifi or broadband, you should optimize the Core Web Vitals.

Mobile indexing is now a crucial SEO element for every website. If you want to connect with more customers in the future, you should optimize your website for mobile phones.

11. Video Marketing

YouTube is a popular video sharing engine that lets people watch videos and interact with brand owners and other customers. Video marketing is a popular marketing strategy that helps you gather more data for KPIs such as views, engagement, and sessions.

You need to strike the right balance between video content and technical elements. You should prioritize video production as much as content marketing.

12. Voice Search

Voice search is becoming a favorite among internet users. People who don’t like to type prefer to do online searches via voice.

Optimize for local-based search terms, use MREID Schema to optimize for Google Knowledge Graph, get more featured snippets, and optimize content for passage indexing. If you do these things, your content will be displayed more in voice-enabled searches.

Final Thoughts

SEO always works for your business as it boosts conversions. You should always deliver unique, precise, and informative content to users. Search engines should recognize your content as relevant and helpful to connect your brand with the most genuinely interested customers.

Nowadays, all businesses need to use SEO to build a massive online presence and reach their target customers. You can stay ahead of your competitors if you follow the trends above. SocialJack Media can help you leverage these SEO trends to grow your business. Visit our website to learn more about our services.


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