7 Tips to Write Emails That Don’t End up in the Promotions Tab



Writing the perfect email for your audience is just one-half of the challenge. The other half? Ensuring these emails land on the right tab- the primary tab! Most businesses face the problem of having their emails land on the promotions tab in Gmail. This can impact your email campaigns negatively by reducing visibility and engagement rates, further stopping you from interacting with your audience effectively.

Read on to learn how to write emails to avoid the promotions tab!

Why Does This Happen?

Email providers like Gmail use sophisticated algorithms to filter incoming messages and deliver the most relevant and important emails to the users’ primary inboxes. When considering an email to be promotional, these algorithms analyze factors like the sender’s reputation, content and formatting, and user engagement patterns. Emails that meet this criteria are automatically sent to the promotions tab.

Although this system improves the user experience by decluttering inboxes, it poses a challenge for businesses trying to reach their audiences through email marketing.

How to Write Emails to Avoid Promotions Tab

Staying away from the promotions tab requires some strategic planning and execution. Here are seven practical tips to achieve just that:

⦁ Ask Your Subscribers to Whitelist You or Add You to the Primary Tab

One of the most effective ways to ensure your emails land in the primary inbox is to ask your subscribers to add your email address to their contact list or whitelist. This tells Gmail that your messages are important.

⦁ Encourage Them to Reply to Your Emails

Engagement is key to inbox placement. Encourage your subscribers to reply to your emails to signal Gmail that your messages are part of an active conversation.

⦁ Personalize Your Content

Personalized emails perform better and are less likely to be flagged as promotional. Include subscribers’ first names and other relevant information to make your emails feel more tailored and valuable.

⦁ Avoid Promotional Words and Phrases

Certain words and phrases, such as “free,” “buy now,” “sale,” or “discount,” can trigger email filters to classify your message as promotional. Use these sparingly, or find creative alternatives to convey your message without sounding overly promotional.

⦁ Minimize Promotional Content

Reduce promotional elements such as excessive links (use no more than two), images, and fancy HTML formatting like various fonts and graphics. Keeping your emails clean and concise goes a long way!

⦁ Send Emails from Your Email Address Rather than the Brand

Establish a personal connection by sending emails from your email address rather than a generic brand one. This humanizes your communication and fosters trust with your subscribers and, of course, with the algorithm.

⦁ Finally, Write Valuable and Quality Content

The most effective way to reach the primary tab is to provide high-quality, valuable content that your subscribers want to receive. Focus on delivering genuinely helpful information, and email providers will be more likely to send your emails to the primary inbox.

Want to escape the promotions tab? We’re here to help! At SocialJack Media, our email marketing experts have the right tools and experience to craft campaigns that land and resonate with your audience like never before! Contact us today to get started.



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