Streamlining Business Operations for Excelsior Lumber with Comprehensive Digital Solutions


In the world of lumber and construction supplies, standing out and maintaining a robust digital presence is crucial. Excelsior Lumber, a leading provider of these services, was faced with this challenge. They needed comprehensive digital solutions, including social media management, SEO services, digital ads, reputation management, a new website, and a CRM email system.

The Challenge

Excelsior’s digital presence was in dire need of an upgrade. The company’s website was outdated, and their social media platforms were barely existent. They had no structured way of managing their digital ads or their online reputation. Additionally, they lacked an efficient CRM email system, making it difficult to maintain good relationships with their customers.

The Solution: SocialJack Media’s Comprehensive Digital Package

SocialJack Media stepped in to address these challenges. The first step was designing a brand-new website for Excelsior Lumber. This new site not only improved the company’s online image but also improved site navigation and user experience.

Next, SocialJack Media ran a targeted digital Ads Campaign. This campaign was designed to increase Excelsior’s online visibility and attract more customers.

Additionally, SocialJack Media set up Excelsior Lumber on Google My Business. This step ensured that the company held a top spot in Google search results, significantly improving their SEO.

SocialJack Media also created and managed social media channels for Excelsior. This move allowed the company to engage with customers on a more personal level, addressing their needs and inquiries in real time.

Lastly, a reputation management system was put in place to handle all reviews, positive or negative, and a CRM email system was established to manage customer interactions efficiently.

The Outcome

The results were impressive. Excelsior Lumber was not only pleased with the new digital face of their company, but they also found that the advertising materials were successful in driving more business. Thanks to SocialJack Media, Excelsior Lumber was able to streamline and organize their business effectively.

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