How to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy Plan

Many brands use social media to promote their products and services and connect with customers. However, creating a proper social media strategy gets quite tricky with the availability of various platforms and their upgrading features. A social media strategy includes elements and goals suited to your brand’s entire digital marketing campaign.

But how to create an effective social media strategy plan that works for your business? Follow the tips and tricks below:

Define Target Audience

Identify the key demographics of the target audience you intend to reach, such as age, gender, profession, income, and hobbies. Defining the target audience helps in doing focused advertising to address customers’ precise needs. Consider the customer issues that you fix every day. Don’t focus on more types of customers that represent the majority of your buyers.

Post Blogs Consistently

The mix of blogging and social media strategy can help you increase your customer outreach. You can create a social media post that includes tips for your followers and a link to your blog that elaborates on them. The post will drive traffic to your blog, which makes it easy for readers to share blogs with their followers and increase their reach.

Draft Educational Content

Create downloadable content such as ebooks, infographics, and videos to address your customers’ pains. If people like your content, they may share it on their social media profiles, which will increase your reach.

Use a Few Key Social Media Platforms

Research key social media platforms to learn where your target audience spends the most time. For instance, if your target customers are business professionals, you should post frequently on LinkedIn rather than Facebook. Build, nurture, and sustain a community on the social media channels where the target audience spends most of their time before shifting to other platforms.

Develop a Recipe Card

As the same social media strategy doesn’t work for all types of businesses, it’s necessary to develop a “recipe card”. A recipe card is a posting and engagement schedule that keeps your team alert about happenings and helps you post content on time. Develop a reasonable recipe card, which you and your team can follow.

Evaluate Results

Social media platforms have advanced tools that help track analytics. You can use LinkedIn’s Visitor Analytics, Facebook’s Page Insights, and Instagram’s Account Insights to see what people are responding to and find trends related to specific topics or keywords that generate high interest.

When you get your average traffic and post-performance, set goals for key metrics, and maintain a scorecard to evaluate your progress. Choose metrics that are easy to collect; otherwise, you will fail to evaluate results. Some of the simple metrics are new followers, the number of interactions, and visits to your website from social media.

Modify Strategies

It takes time to earn followers, strengthen your brand and get the desired results from social media strategy implementation. So, experiment to find the perfect combination of platforms, content, and messages that impress your audience.

Track the changes in views, audience demographics, and interactions so you can make changes as required. You will be able to adjust recipe cards, content, and personas depending on the collected information that helps to modify your strategy and generate more consistent outcomes.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you to build an effective social media strategy plan. SocialJack Media can work with you to post content on your social media. We can create, schedule, and post content to all of your social accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Schedule a free consultation now!

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