How Video Marketing Can Boost Your Digital Strategy

Every business needs a strong online presence – be it through social media pages, a website, or an eCommerce platform – to scale its operations. However, it isn’t enough to just describe what you do on your website or social media page.

User attention spans only last a few seconds and people are always looking for the easiest way to consume content. This is where video marketing becomes important. Here are a few ways how video marketing can boost your digital strategy.

1.   Increased Lead Generation

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. It has 122 million active users, consuming around 1 billion hours of content every day. But it is not the only platform that enables video marketing. Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook are among other platforms where users actively consume video content.

Even when visiting a brand website, consumers prefer watching videos to going through pages of text. Video content can also form a part of your WhatsApp and email marketing efforts. You can add videos to your sales pitch as well!

According to recent stats by HubSpot, 86% of marketers claim that videos have proven to be an effective lead generation tool. Videos tend to stay longer on social media feeds. They can immediately attract browsers. Owing to the personalized experience they offer, more users are enticed to take action.

Businesses that actually ‘show’ users what they do, or the results they have accomplished through interactive and informative videos, tend to get more attention than those who do not.

2.   Builds Trust and Increases Conversions

Adding videos to product and service pages tends to increase purchases by 144%. Videos help build a rapport between consumers and the business. They act as a means of effective communication and improving your brand loyalty rates. Higher trust certainly leads to more conversions.

3.   Improves Consumer Engagement

Thanks to the different video creation and sharing tools available nowadays, video marketing has now become easier than ever before. Any business that puts out appealing promotional videos gives off the impression that they value users’ time and can cater to their needs. This first-mover advantage often results in increased consumer engagement both on and off social media, ultimately leading to higher conversions and enhanced customer loyalty.

4.   Gaining Preference in Search Results

Your bounce rates are bound to go down when you answer your consumer’s questions with a detailed video. So the chances of them heading over to the competitor’s page is much lower. Google and most other search engines understand this and show videos among their top results. So, creating relevant videos and optimizing them will help you engage better with the community and improve your site’s ranking on Google.

The key to running a great video marketing campaign is designing well-optimized videos with the correct message, tone, and a catchy CTA. You do not have to fret about getting everything right if you are new to video marketing. Simply contact the experts at Social Jack Media, and let our professionals take care of the work.


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