Is TV Marketing Still Relevant in 2023?


Millennials have strong memories of TV advertisements that used to be a phenomenon in their growing-up years. With the advent of OTT platforms and social media, the younger generations have found new ways of entertainment. In this scenario, brands may rightly question whether they should be spending their time and money on TV advertisements. After all, digital marketing seems to have become the talk of the town.

Contrary to popular belief, TV has not become passe. It is still one of the most effective advertising mediums. It has a much wider reach and can improve conversion rates- let’s understand why!

TV Removes the Clutter

What happens when you want to watch a video on YouTube but are interrupted by ads before your video plays? In all probability, you get annoyed and skip the ad without watching it to the end. Due to this, social media advertisements can create negative brand associations and engagement. A survey found that 64% of viewers find these ads bothersome.

 TV advertisements, on the other hand, give much better engagement. In the US, TV marketing gives an ROI of $14.34 for every dollar spent on it. It is because viewers always watch TV commercials until the end.   

When you consider the cost of digital marketing in terms of reach, engagement, and results, traditional media like TV, print, and radio give better returns.

Customers Trust Traditional Advertising

Traditional marketing formats, such as TV advertising, can give you much better results when you want to establish credibility and trust with your customers. A survey found that consumers in the UK and US trust TV advertising more than social media marketing. 

When the customers start trusting your brand, there is a greater possibility they will go ahead and buy from it.

The Phase-Out of Third-Party Cookies

The entire premise of digital marketing, which gives customized ads to consumers, is based on third-party cookies. These track the users’ interests to give targeted and personalized ad experiences. For a long time, marketers have considered this to be the main differentiator. All the users are not bombarded with the same content as happens on TV.

However, Google is planning to phase the cookies out by 2023, and Apple is working in a similar direction. In this scenario, marketers will have to focus their efforts on traditional forms of advertising like TV.

A Decline in OTT Subscription

OTT platforms that saw a notable increase during the pandemic are witnessing a decline in subscriptions. Now that people are back in the office, they have less time to spend on OTT. Customers have become more conscious of OTT stacking due to a lack of resources and time. In this scenario, it makes more sense for brands to focus on TV advertising.

Content Matters

In the end, whether you want to proceed with TV advertising or digital marketing, the content can differentiate your brand. Social Jack helps you achieve that by carefully curating your content strategy, creating content, tracking the performance, and using cutting-edge tools to give you the best returns on your marketing spend.

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