SocialJack Media Captures the Spirit of the Battlefield Commander MMA Event


Battlefield Commander, a dynamic and fast-paced MMA event organizer, found themselves faced with the challenge of adequately capturing the intense action and memorable moments of their events for promotional purposes. They had a clear need for high-quality photography and video work that could encapsulate the raw energy and excitement of their MMA events.

The Challenge

The fast-paced nature of MMA events offers unique challenges for photography and videography. Capturing sharp, well-composed shots amid the flurry of action requires not only high-end equipment but also an experienced team with a deep understanding of the sport. Additionally, the post-production work of editing and touching up these images to achieve a polished and professional finish is a time-consuming and skill-intensive task. Battlefield Commander was in need of a solution that could handle all these requirements efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

Enter SocialJack Media, a company renowned for its expertise in professional photography and videography. We offered Battlefield Commander a comprehensive solution to their challenge. Our team of experienced photographers and videographers attended the MMA events, equipped with the latest high-end equipment, ready to capture every punch, kick, and submission move in stunning detail.

But our work didn’t stop there. The post-event phase involved meticulous editing and touch-up work to ensure the images not only looked professional, but also captured the raw intensity and excitement of the MMA events. The final product was a clear gallery of striking event images, ready for use in advertising and social media posts.

The Outcome

Battlefield Commander now has a rich collection of high-quality images that accurately portray the energy and excitement of their MMA events. These images have become an invaluable resource for their promotional efforts, enhancing their advertising material and social media posts, and ultimately contributing to an increase in event attendance and fan engagement.

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