Transforming Acme Nissan’s Social Media Presence with SocialJack Media

The Challenge

Acme Nissan, a prominent local car dealership, found itself facing a significant challenge. Despite a strong reputation and a solid customer base, they had no significant social media presence. This lack of visibility online was a missed opportunity for creating brand awareness, generating organic leads, and connecting with their local community. Acme Nissan realized they needed to leverage social media and content marketing services to stay competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

The Solution

Recognising the potential of social media to transform their business, Acme Nissan turned to SocialJack Media for assistance. Our team developed a comprehensive social media strategy tailored specifically for Acme Nissan. This strategy included the creation of monthly social media content calendars designed with Acme’s ideal target audience in mind.

We leveraged current social media trends to ensure the content was engaging and relevant. We took active control of their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Google My Business, and LinkedIn accounts, ensuring a consistent brand presence across all platforms.

Furthermore, we supplemented this digital strategy with monthly photo and video services, creating high-quality, engaging content that resonated with their audience.

The Outcome

The results of this partnership were impressive. Within just six months, we achieved an increase in Acme Nissan’s social media following by a staggering 6800%. This dramatic growth resulted in 15.5k impressions, leading to a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement.

Moreover, 3,495 potential customers visited the website, 2,468 made phone calls, and 2,370 requested directions via Google Maps to the dealership, indicating a high level of interest and engagement. Most importantly, this strategy led to real, tangible results: four online appointments were booked as a direct result of our social media activities.

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