Your Website Needs Blogs: Here’s 4 Reasons Why

Creating and launching your business website is the easy part. Generating leads, traffic, and conversions, on the other hand, is a lot tricker. Blogging is an effective and inexpensive solution you could use to usher in organic traffic to your website.

Blogs can help you establish brand authority and boost your visibility and reach. And considering that about 70% of people prefer to learn about a company through articles rather than advertisements., blogs could go a long way to promote and position your brand.

Here’s why you should include blogs on your websites. Read on to know more!

1.Improves SEO

Frequently posting well-researched and industry-specific blogs can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Ranking higher on SERPs means you’re more likely to attract organic visitors to your website. 

Blogs that are fresh, relevant, and rich in keyword-specific content can give you a leg up over the competition and optimize your rankings. However, remember that quality and quantity go hand in hand. So, while creating quality content is important, you also need to post them frequently enough so that search engines can index your site.

2.Increase Retention Rates

Providing value-added content to answer general customer queries and concerns can make your brand more appealing to interested customers. While it is essential for a website to attract leads, it is also essential to retain those leads. If potential customers don’t find stimulating content on your website, they’re likely to leave it without taking any relevant action.

Blogs can help keep your leads interested and even prompt them to engage with your brand. You can showcase your industry expertise, offer relevant guidance to customers, and provide content that answers customer queries. A stimulating content experience can help improve your retention rates and lead to more conversions.

3.Educates Customers

Customers look to key businesses within an industry to educate them on industry-specific trends, news, technologies, case studies, and much more. About 60% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands. So your blogs must provide new and up-to-date information about the industry to potential customers who might be looking for them. 

Blogging can also help you expand your understanding of your business and industry. Businesses that blog frequently are more likely to stay on top of the latest technological developments and trend changes. They can find new avenues for growth and exploration and slowly make their way towards becoming future trendsetters in their respective industries.

4.Builds Credibility

Blogs are an excellent way for your business to proclaim its expertise and hard-earned knowledge. Through blogs, you can show customers why they need to invest in your business rather than a less-knowledgeable competitor. Interested customers are more likely to trust a business that provides quality content addressing their unique and varied concerns than a business that offers generic industry-related content. 

Frequent blogging can help build customer trust and loyalty, establish brand credibility, and over time let your business be perceived as a thought leader within your industry. 

If you’re looking for digital marketing experts to create relevant and engaging content, get in touch with our team at SocialJack Media. We’re committed to delivering quality content to help increase your rankings, traffic, and profits. Give us a call at (973) 520-7077 or contact us online for a free consultation! 

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